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American Trail Gear

Endurance Ride Equipment Specialists

Specializing in Beta and BioThane horse equipment.  We offer specialied service at no extra charge.

Diana and Sherri
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Tucker Trail Saddles

Ultimate Trail Comfort

Tucker is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of trail equipment that provides the ultimate in comfort and utility for both horse and rider. Tucker equipment is the standard of quality and style for trail riders throughout the world.

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Parry Harness & Tack

The Last Tack You'll Ever Buy ...in that Color!

Made with genuine BioThane belitng, EZTack is synthetic, leather-like, durable, and soft.  EZTack will give the rider lifetime guaranteed comfort, convenience, performance and peace of mind.  It is designed for low-maintenance and high-performance.

Anita Parry Pierce
[ Parry Tack ]

SpecTACKular - Trail Riding & Horseback Riding Tack

Superior Riding Gear Meets the Equine Athlete. 

That is the vision of SpecTACKular.  Our horseback riding tack is functional, durable and beautiful.  Just a pop of color, or a bit more "flash" and "show".  Whatever your style, or breed or horse, our tack will fit, work and look SpecTACKular.

Customer Service
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Trail & Pleasure Riding Supplies

Tack That Will Last.  Custom Made for That One of a Kind Friend.

Our goal is to provide you with convenient and durable riding equipment.

Jan Larvick
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Cactus Saddlery

Cactus Saddlery, Custom Products, Hand Made in the USA

Creating an amazing product starts by using the highest quality. All of Cactus Saddlery’s products are handmade in Greenville, Texas.

Customer Service
[ Cactus Saddlery BioThane Products ]

Taylored Tack - Online Store

Unique Custom Trail and Endurance Tack

Each Taylored Tack product is individually hand crafted by Amanda Taylor, with attention to detailing down to the last stitch. No other Beta and BioThane tack manufacturer comes close to the quality of Taylored Tack, proudly made in the USA.

Amanda Taylor
[ Taylored Tack ]

The Distance Depot - Online Store

Quality Second to None - Endurance and Trail

Since 2008 The Distance Depot has been the official Beta BioThane® tack suppliers for USA Team Endurance.  Our custom Beta BioThane® tack is expertly & proudly handcrafted here in USA in many styles and colors available for you to choose from. Whether you are an Endurance, Trail or Pleasure rider we have the tack and supplies you need. Detail is key and so is making our customers happy.  So for great prices and fast shipping – stop by The Distance Depot today! 

Kristen Lacy
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Quail Creek

Quality tack made by family-owned and operated business. 

We strive to make tack that is pleasing to the eye and yet stong enough for your horse needs.  By keeping it in the family, we can keep our quality to the highest standards possible.  Each piece is made and inspected before we send it out.  We have over 30 years in doing what we do best: making an excellent product for all equine disciplines. 

Carolee Smith
[ Quail Creek Tack ]

Higher Mark Performance Tack, Inc.

Custom Tack for Training, Eventing and Pleasure Riding

HIGHER MARK, with custom designed BIOTHANE equipment, is striving not only for quality workmanship and service, but also for the best interests of our customers and their horses.

Jean McKain
[ Higher Mark ]